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We’re Back to School May 08

This Season’s Calendar

May 2023 – September 2023

August 2023

28th – 1st Sept: absolute beginners

28th – 1st Sept: upper beginners

June 2023

5th-9th: upper beginners
12th-23rd: intermediates
26th-30th: absolute beginners, intermediates

July 2023

3rd-7th: beginners, upper intermediates
10th-14th: lower intermediates, advanced
17th-28th: all levels available

August 2023

31st July-18th August: all levels available
21st-1st September: upper beginners

September 2023

4th-8th: lower intermediates
11th-22nd: upper intermediates, advanced
25th-29th: upper beginners, advanced

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